News from Washington Post says Wellness Programs can help cut consumer costs.

Article below states wellness programs impact:

Signing up for health insurance during your company’s annual enrollment period, which for many plans is right now, may feel like taking a nasty dose of medicine: You know it’s good for you, but it sure doesn’t go down easy.
On the plus side, nearly two-thirds of companies are still offering health insurance to their employees, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation’s annual survey of employer health benefits. That’s worth a lot.
But that coverage won’t come cheap, as premiums, deductibles and cost sharing continue to rise, sometimes even more steeply than in previous years. More employers are also moving to high-deductible plans that shift more expenses onto their employees, requiring them to pay more before benefits kick in. And companies are making it pricier to insure spouses and children.
There is a bright spot, however: Employees who participate in the increasing number of company wellness programs can often reduce premium and other cost increases.
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